Hamilton, Ohio rapper Slim Jesus made serious Internet waves in August with his over-the-top music video for “Drill Time,” which now has over 16 million views on YouTube. The scrawny 18-year-old’s violent lyrical boasts led some to call his authenticity into question, including a rapper named Black Jesus who confronted him outside of a club in Atlanta back in October.

It looks like Slim Jesus’ biggest detractors are a very specific subset of rappers who are all coincidentally named Black Jesus. An Ottawa-based rapper also by the name of Black Jesus—who appears to be an entirely different person from the Atlanta altercation—accosted Slim Jesus while he was on stage in Ottawa last night. Video footage of the encounter shows Ottawa’s Black Jesus, who was acting as Slim’s DJ for the night, cutting the music, grabbing Slim’s mic, and shouting “Support real hip-hop, bitch!” For some reason, Black Jesus also tries to shove a Fleshlight in Slim’s face, but it flies into the audience before any direct contact is made. 

To his credit, Slim Jesus immediately laughs off the disruption, as Black Jesus is ushered off stage. The whole thing looks to be a promotional ploy orchestrated by Black Jesus, since the clip is included at the end of his most recent music video.

You know you’re poppin’ when you’re beefing with two different rappers named Black Jesus. Watch the whole thing unfold in the video above.