For Andy Mineo, it all began with a pair of kicks and a Jay-Z CD. A gift from his brother for Christmas one year when he was a kid, these two items lit the fire inside Andy for what would become two of his greatest passions. And that flame has only grown ever since.

Today, Andy keeps himself busy wearing many hats: musician, writer, director, foodie, and, of course, sneaker aficionado. His road from hip-hop spectator to hip-hop artist has been a very non-traditional one, and Mineo credits the rise of the Internet as one of the key reasons for his success. “Technology has opened up the music business 100-fold,” Mineo says, “and provided space for all kinds of new faces.” 

And if there’s one piece of technology Mineo relies on more than any other to accomplish his goals, it’s his Toshiba Radius 12 laptop. “The older I get, the more I desire simplicity,” he says. And while the Radius’s capabilities are quite complex, its functionality is indeed very simple, transitioning from a laptop to a tablet with ridiculous ease. That means Mineo can switch between his many different tasks instantaneously, whether it’s watching a rough cut of a video he’s working on, returning a slew of overdue emails, or continuing to work on his book (oh yes, he’s now adding “author” to his already packed resume). For a guy who literally spends his life on the go—be it flying to a show or riding to a studio—that kind of capability and connectivity is crucial. 

And what about down time? Well, for Mineo, there really is no such thing. “In the down times, I need to get work done,” he says. So, the second he wraps up one task his next move is always the same: “I’m flipping open the Radius.”

For more on Andy Mineo’s many different pursuits, be sure to watch the latest installment of the Toshiba’s #SLASHGEN video series above.