In Complex's new documentary series, F1RST, we will take a look at the journey and untold stories behind some of our favorite acts. For our inaugural episode, we kick things off with a four-part series on the enigmatic Jeremih. 

Jeremih took us through the making of his hit single "Birthday Sex" in the premier episode of F1RSTand today, he elaborates on the process behind creating his debut album, Jeremih. "It was solely based off 'Birthday Sex' that people respected the rest of the music, but people wanted to know what the fuck else is it besides this song that came out of nowhere, and are you really gonna outbeat this song?," he says. From there, he details his second album, All About You, and how he didn't care about doing some admittedly dumb things with "very powerful people's women that could've caused some damage towards my second album's career."

You can watch the video above and be sure to check out each episode of Jeremih's F1RST this week on Complex.