With each of his 2015 releases, especially Politically Correct and Church in These Streets, Jeezy has made a point to focus on urgent societal issues in a way that only he can. Jeezy recently stopped by CNN to discuss some of these issues at length, including the status of gun laws, marijuana legalization, and President Obama’s recent moves on prison reform.

"Guns have always been a part of my upbringing," Jeezy reveals in an interview conducted prior to the San Bernardino shooting. Jeezy, however, agrees that gun laws should be updated to include "certain ways" to prevent those with mental instabilities from obtaining firearms. "It's not the guns it's the people who have the guns."

As for Obama’s second-term priority of criminal justice reform, Jeezy remains optimistic about the long-term impact of Obama’s recent moves toward balancing the system. "A lot of my friends are incarcerated for marijuana," says Jeezy, "and it’s legal [now]." Jeezy, who says he was really liking the idea of a Joe Biden candidacy, believes the Obama administration's efforts toward prison reform will eventually be seen as the "beginning of some type of slight change."