For some, Mac Miller will always be perceived as simply another proponent of frat rap, and not much more. But those who have been following his career closely have watched the Pittsburgh rapper's gradual evolution as both an artist, and a human, since his first incredibly successful independent album Blue Slide Park in 2011.

Two years later, Mac released Watching Movies With The Sound Off. It was an album that was, if you weren't keeping a close eye on his mixtape output, startlingly avant garde in comparison to its predecessor. Following the thread of this aesthetic was one release last year, Faces, which revealed a distinctly darker side to the rapper. It referenced not only his depression, but also a drug problem – his work touching on his consistent use of cocaine, lean and angel dust. While he admits he's not completely sober, his new album, GO:OD AM, sees Mac Miller waking up from the bad dreams that plagued him on Faces and being greeted by the promise of morning light.

Mac will be bringing his GO:OD AM Tour to Australia’s East Coast in January 2016, having last visited the country to play the Big Day Out two years prior. His first effort on a major label, GO:OD AM features appearances from Miguel, Ab-Soul and Little Dragon, debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 and also boasts a smash sleeper single, ‘100 Grandkids’. While many recent interviews have focused on Mac's drug-affected past, and how it has led to his prosperous present, Complex AU asked him about the future: that of the rap game, his musical direction and of course, what he wants his own to look like.