Fat Tony pays homage to his old stomping grounds in the new video for "MacGregor Park." The Ryan Muir-directed video features scenic shots of Third Ward, Houston, as well as Tony getting in trouble with the cops, shooting dice in the park, and linking up with a few beautiful women.

"I do it for the city but a nigga ain't Drake/Don't think that the H just all about drank," he raps over Tom Cruz's laidback production. It's clear from the song and video that Fat Tony will never forget the streets that made him. "'MacGregor Park' is all about my young youth in Third Ward, Houston; the city that raised me and the neighborhood that fostered my love for doing what I want, when I want, how I want to do it. And, I guess art too," Tony told us over email. "This song tells the tales that taught me how to be a man, or at least a clever teen. Some of these follies are seemingly frivolous but they each contain important life lessons."

Here are a few of those lessons, courtesy of Tony. "Lesson one: if police harass you for chiefing the loud, it'd be wise to kick him or her in the nuts, and run. Works every time. Lesson two: don't gamble against me or I will hurt you. Lesson three: don't leave your girl 'round me, true player, for real. Ask my nigga Pharrell." Check out the video for "MacGregor Park" above.