Generally speaking, high school is an abysmal experience that few dare to even remember. For those who use 2 Chainz lyrics as their senior yearbook quote, however, the high school life is obviously a bit more tolerable. 2 Chainz shared the following 'gram of two purported high school students named Silvie Kinart and Annie Kaufmann, students with enough foresight to make this glorious thing a reality:

Admirable choices, Silvie and Annie. "Fork" is an obvious Tity Boi classic. Future yearbook quote enthusiasts (they still print yearbooks?) would do well to peruse the 2 Chainz quotables below, including the "money on the rise like I'm counting on an elevator" line in "Feds Watching."

Also, we'd be remiss if we didn't throw in some "I'm Different" for good measure. Nothing gives the middle finger to the high school experience quite like announcing your own uniqueness: