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Much has been made of the partnership between Maxsta and infamous producer, Maniac. Both have a wildness and unpredictability about them that fuels their music. Here on "100 Problems", for example, Maxsta's unforgiving, fast-paced bars are a solid fit on top of Maniac's choppy, chaotic production. It feels as if the track could, at any moment, boil over and completely explode. 

Maxsta's breakneck bars make for a hell-of-a-listen, but what really stands out here is Maniac's production; all choppy percussion, twinkly pianos, and rugged bass. And the video matches that energy with laudable success. From the choppy edits to surreal images of a massive traffic light tree, it's quick, sharp, funny and a solid mission statement. This feels like a progression to new levels for producer and MC alike.