Lupe Fiasco still has some issues with Kid Cudi, and decided to air those out during a freestyle at a recent show reportedly in Milwaukee, WI over the weekend.

At about the 18-second mark, Fiasco takes a straightforward jab at Cudi with these lines:

“Make sure that you listen to every rhythm that I be spittin’, unconditionally written / P.S.: To all my enemies, you are now forgiven / Except Kid Cudi cause that’s not my muthafuckin’ buddy / If I see him in the streets, it’s getting’ muthafuckin’ ugly”

He continued:

“I know you might be a fan / me and him share similar shit and you like, ‘Damn!’ / But that don’t matter, they gonna be back into the chatter”

In another video that surfaced from Friday night, Lupe says he would let his grudge with Cudi slide, though it’s weird he would freestyle about it in the first place and make it seem like it was an issue.

“I’ma let that shit with fuckin’ Cudi go,” he said. “I want you to let go of a grudge, let go of something that’s hanging over your head. Don’t terrorize yourself thinking about what you’re going to do and what somebody has done to you.” Lupe's point is that he wants people to have a clear conscious: “We got too much bullshit going on in this planet to have animosity in our personal spaces. Don’t let that shit feed into you, let that shit go.”

Lupe and Cudi had a heated Twitter exchange in January of this year, which was a reaction to Kendrick Lamar’s comments in a Billboard cover story. Azealia Banks was involved too. If Lupe is staying true to his words, he’s moving on from his feud with Cudder.

Or maybe not?