Freebandz​'s Lil Don Loyal is the latest artist to showcase his dabbing skills in his new video for "Start My Day." This is your new dab anthem—Lil Don raps bout how he has to start his day with a dab before he steals your chick. Everyone has been arguing over who actually started the dab but Don is officially putting in his claim as a creator of the move.

"I've been doing the Dab for years. If you go back and look at my 'Juice' video from early 2014—I did it," Don said to Complex. "If you been to any of my shows you will see me do it. I seen people put their own style to it but I been dabbing. So am I the Creator of the word Dab? Maybe not, but the whole leaning In your shoulder like you are about to fall I been doing for years. I spread it across the Globe. Dab Dab Dab."

The Todd Uno-directed video follows him around through a typical high school day that eventually ends up with his teacher giving—you guessed it—a lesson on dabbing. Don is still pretty new in the game, but his catchy flow over the bouncy Flying Saucer Stroud production is more than enough reason to watch out for him going forward. 

Lil Don Loyal's Freeband Loyal mixtape, which "Start My Day" was featured on, is available to stream and download here