Over two and a half years ago, a producer by the name of David Heartbreak signed with Skrillex​'s OWSLA imprint. Back then, he spoke of working with limitless possibilities, and with his EP, The Foundation, he threw everything into the pot and created a sonically-tantalizing gumbo. He gained respect, but as all great artists do, he's striving for more.

Enter "Bonecrusher," the first new track from Heartbreak in a bit, and the beginning of the next chapter of his output. Taken from his forthcoming album #YAYV (which stands for Your Art, Your Voice), this shows Heartbreak continuing to hone in on a particularly grey area of the electronic music sound: the proper combination of hip-hop and electronic vibes. No, we're not talking about the "turnt up trap" that's risen in the EDM scene over the last few years; we're talking about a truly electronic sound with a hip-hop aesthetic. A bridging of the gap if you will.

Just hit play on "Bonecrusher." The ears of Mobb Deep fans should instantly perk up, but fans of more maniacal dubstep-y cuts should be more at home with the rumbling bass and crisp percussion. The only electronic producer really touching on this kind of vibe is Moody Good, but Heartbreak's attacking this sound from a way more hip-hop vein.

Then you get into the Ambrose Eng-directed clip, which is all about "wearing a mask, and pretending to be something you’re not, taking off the mask and showing who you actually are." You have a masked man looking menacing as hell, only to remove said mask and show of some amazingly graceful dance moves (with some finger-gloving techniques thrown in to keep it really rave-y). It plays like a visual representation of the moves Heartbreak is trying to make in his own career.

Word from DHBK is that "Bonecrusher" is the first of a three-video series to get heads up to speed before the release of #YAVA; for now, just get ready for a future that will sound like all of the sounds you love finally put into a package that says everything you've not been able to get out.