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Last month I came across a random clip of a guy playing the saxophone along to Fetty Wap's "Again" and was so transfixed that I proceeded to write a post and play that 30-second clip over 30 times (much to my co-workers' atypical enjoyment). In the post I wrote about needing to know who this genius was on the sax and if a full version of this amazing, quite jiggy cover existed. Well, the young Coltrane in question happens to be 20-year-old Corey Staggz, and while there's no full version of "Again" his Instagram page offers the next best thing in a multitude of other song covers.

I hopped on the phone with Corey to talk about why he started doing these covers, what possessed him to hit that hilarious jig that he does in the "Again" clip (he basically "Hotline Bling"-ed the Internet—his less popular clips pre-"Again" had no dancing), and if his endgame is to drop a sax-filled mixtape or what. Flip through for all his quotes paired with his five best sax covers.