This summer, Lauryn Hill gifted fans with new music in the form of Nina Simone covers that was done in support of the Netflix documentary, What Happened, Miss Simone?, which was released in July. However, new original music from the legendary singer could be coming sooner than later, according to a new interview from The FADER. In the issue, a story about the singer and the need for a follow up album to her 1998 solo debut, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, is championed with her current producer, Phil Nicolo​, also offering some insight about the possibility of new music.

She began touring again five years ago as a way of exercising artistic muscle and financing her recording plans, says Phil Nicolo, one of her current producers and a founder of Ruffhouse, the Fugees’ original label. According to Nicolo, she is closer than ever to finishing the follow-up to Miseducation… He says she’s already built up enough material to release a new album, and that musically, it will harken back to Miseducation. Whereas the few tracks she’s released in recent years feature a stream-of-consciousness that is harsh at times, Nicolo describes this work as “much more musical.” It is political, but also deeply personal, he says. She is drawing “from all of her inputs.”

While there is nothing definitive stated, Lauryn's producer concluded "I can say this, I know creating makes her very happy." Lauryn creating makes us all very happy too, so here's hoping that new music from the singer is actually on the way.