We all knew that Miley Cyrus' less than stellar performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards would ruffle feathers from the day it was announced, and in FCC documents found by Rolling Stone, it seems like her controversial performance succeeded in pissing off just about everyone. The reviews for her run on the annual awards show was universally panned, and a number of people filed brutal (and kind of hilarious) complaints about the show.

Most of the grievances were mostly about Miley exposing her breasts during the show, but there were also complaints about her lewd behavior and glorification of marijuana use, with one person from Gulfport, MI saying that she was a "very troubled child" who was allowed to get away with anything on TV. Another truly confounding complaint from someone in Wichita, Kansas is notable because they state that the VMAs use of "cuss words" is the reason why they were going to write off the formerly "decient [sic]" MTV programming altogether after the show. Well at least they stuck around for the past few years without "Total Request Live," and that last embarrassing season of "The Real World." Check out the rest of the comments here.