Music that comes from a place of gloom often has a way of resonating with fans on a deeper level, and rapper Kadiata's follow-up to the highly-charged "Goodnight" is a testament to that infectious feeling. The emotive "Mother Nurture" features potent sub-bass and distorted vocals from Miles From Kinshasa, formerly of Men Among Boys, which eerily convey the reflective nature of the track.

South London native Kadiata told Complex: "This song is about a falling out I had with my mum because of her discoveries that I had been a drug dealer. It's essentially a letter to her, and also a self-reflection/realisation that outlines the way I felt about the dilemma and an explanation of my intentions behind the rebellion within our already broken family."

With both "Goodnight" and "Mother Nurture", we see the angst of an inner-city London kid brought to life in the most artistic manner. Listen to the latter number exclusively below.