When a KanyeToThe forum member unearthed an old Vine of Post Malone saying "n****" earlier this week, the footage was met with exactly what was expected: a vast ocean of controversy. The clip quickly started to dismantle Malone's recent attempts at laughing off those silly "industry plant" rumors, paving way for a heated debate on the guidelines associated with using the word:

In a new interview with DJ Drama for Gangsta Grillz Radio, Malone directly addresses this controversy (at around the 1:00 mark in the video above). Thankfully, Malone does it without hiding behind the guise of a flimsy excuse or an attempt at explaining exactly "how" he meant the word:

"It's an old video, you know? [But] it's unacceptable and I made a mistake. I just wanna apologize. I guess that's really it. I can't really say nothing. It was wrong of me."

The "White Iverson" mastermind recently sat down with Complex News prior to the Vine controversy to talk about his forthcoming debut album and how his life has changed since the cataclysmic internet explosion of that bombastic track: