Keyboardists Alex Grant and Lawson Smith first connected with drummer/producer Adrian Gagnon as part of the now defunct indie-rock outfit Dora Alexander, but the trio explore more expansive territory with their current project. After nearly a year of radio silence, Toronto ambient electro threesome ev ree wuhn have returned with the space age instrumental cut “Sapporo.”

On “Sapporo,” the group plays with a transient piano line, weaving and warping organic and synthetic elements around the instrument’s skeletal structure. It’s a nice bit of thoughtful, trip-hoppy electro, slated to appear on ev ree wuhn’s forthcoming EP Found You. “Sapporo” is a worthy counterpart to the EP’s previously released title track, another crackling pastiche of found sounds and droning bliss.

Here’s what the band had to say about “Sapporo”:

“The basic vision for this track was to use the piano part as an anchor, then explore various rhythms, textures and atmospheres that could mesh with it. In a sense, we’re using the piano line as a sample like you might do for a hip-hop instrumental. Actually, we do this a lot in our music. We create small parts of a song then use them as samples. The goal was to maintain the organic atmosphere of the piano line, which anchors the track. This was a challenge because once you start layering other elements, it starts to sound synthetic. That’s not a bad thing though, if you can find a balance. It’s interesting to see how synthetic and organic elements interact, and how far you can push it in either direction. That’s definitely a theme across most of our music.”

Stream “Sapporo” below, and stay tuned for ev ree wuhn’s new EP Found You, dropping October 9th.