With the change in seasons comes a quick drop in temperature and a greater appreciation for rappers like New Jersey's own Da$H whose raps are dark, cold, and dreary. His ear for beats is impeccable and the ones he selects could easily soundtrack a night of bad decisions. Along with his partner-in-crime, RetcHy Porter, Da$h has been working to bring East Coast street rap back without sounding like his predecessors. It's clear Da$h is looking to end the year on a high note as he recently dropped the excellent 17 More Minutes not long after giving us SkrewFaceHe ain't stopping, either: Word has it him and RetcH have plans to drop something together in the coming months. 

While he shows out on most of 17 More Minutes, it was "Shark Tank," featuring frequent collaborators $ha Hef and A$ton Matthews, that caused me to lose my mind. The track starts off with a Taxi Driver sample and then transitions into a villainous H.N.I.C. beat as Da$H steps up to the plate to spit one of the best raps of his young career. Check the verse and the song below:

"Dolla still thuggin' regal
It's the tan skin Bugsy Siegel
Ridin' in a bucket with two bitches and a rusty Eagle
You know it's nothin', cup of dope got me David Ruffin
Dwell on this game, now we lungin' on my way to the luncheon
Only jewelry I wore was copper and steel
Still I pop up on random blocks for a peel of this real
I'm at the benefit for kids with better needs
The only thing it did was better off my jeans
Max extortion
Crack recordin', raps from Jim Morrison orphan
You only see me when it's violence like a shark fin
The Boss Man
Pullin' strings like I'm Santana
The bandana from high school
Claim my damn hammer with bad grammar
I did all this
Catch me on Tunisian beaches off a tab of acid
Eatin' red snapper with a goddess got Parisian features
You niggas novice, should observe the teachers
Get clapped tryna short or cheat us
No cuts, no breaks, get it mothafuckin' straight, nigga" —Da$H

Shout out to the tan skin Bugsy Siegel and H'z Global for consistently making crimewave music.