50 Cent's ongoing legal and financial issues took another turn recently when the rapper asked a judge to withhold the details of his 2007 Vitamin Water deal. According to Vlad TV and the Jasmine Brand, 50 is doing this to protect his future earnings and so he doesn't lose any negotiation power in any upcoming deals. 

50 originally partnered with Glacéau in 2004, before they were bought out by Coca-Cola in a move that saw him earn $100 million for his shares in the company. He stayed on board as a promotional partner to advertise the Vitamin Water brand even after the deal ended in 2009 but he had specific provisions that prevented anyone from revealing how much he made to promote the brand.

50 reportedly told the judge that he believes that if this information was revealed, it would give the him no leverage in negotiations, screwing him out of a lot of money. The judge has yet to make a decision on the matter, but as his $28,478,920 liability rises, it's clear that Fif could use a life line right now.