Earlier this week 50 Cent seemed to time his filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy right in time to stall a lawsuit over a sex tape he leaked back in 2009 as a part of a beef with Rick Ross. Originally, on July 10th, 50 was ordered to pay $5 million to the Florida woman whose sex tape he leaked but a judge also requested he submit his state and federal tax returns for review so that the jury could deliberate on further punitive damages. The bankruptcy filing, which definitely doesn't mean the G-Unit founder is broke by the way, still put his finances into the public view, but the lawsuit seemed to fade away temporarily. Now, according to the Associated Press, a Connecticut judge has ruled that the lawsuit currently seeking punitive damages can move forward despite the Chapter 11 filing. 

The decision to allow the lawsuit to proceed came during a hearing before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Hartford, according to the Hartford Courant. The civil lawsuit against 50 Cent in New York will now pick back up on Monday (July 20). "We're very happy to be back in court Monday so the jury can finish its work on this case," a lawyer for the victim, Lastonia Leviston​, said. The Courant also reported on the latest update regarding the rapper's finances, noting, "total liabilities to Jackson's top 20 creditors was listed at about $28.5 million" while his assets currently total "about $24.5 million."