Back in 2007, the music industry was still reeling from the invention of Napster and the subsequent effects the internet was having on their business. The higher-up execs were devastated at their decreasing cash-flow as the CD became more and more irrelevant. The result was a string of "anti-piracy" campaigns that held onto the far-fetched hope that by "educating" the public, we would all stop using the growing resources that were at our fingertips. Obviously it never worked, but today some of those ads resurfaced online to serve up some millennial nostalgia as an ideal #TBT.

There was Saatchi & Saatchi Sao Paulo's grotesque ads for Universal Music featuring dismembered parts of musicians captioned "Stop Destroying the Band You Like: Say No to Music Piracy." There were also of course those "Piracy: It's A Crime" commercials that would air before a movie. LOL at the memories.