Whether Kanye West is serious about running for President in 2020 or not, it looks like some factions of the political machine are already revving up around him. In a new report from Bloomberg, they point out that a Political Action Committee, or a PAC, called "Ready For Kanye" was launched today out of Maryland.

If you're not aware, a PAC is basically a registered committee that is organized to raise money to support and defeat certain candidates in elections. They can be launched by businesses, labor unions, and other places of interests to push forward a certain candidate with similar beliefs and agendas. If Kanye was actually serious about running, he would soon have to declare FEC paperwork, where he documents the funds he's raised for a campaign. He would also have to disclose all of his own personal finances in 30 days after filing. Again, whether or not Kanye would actually get this far in the process remains in doubt, but if he did need the support, the "Ready for Kanye" PAC is there and waiting