Alex Bonfanti and Miles James, the duo that comprise Par-le, are two accomplished musicians who can count Flying Lotus, Jessie Ware, Jose James and Michael Kiwanuka among their collaborators. A CV like that doesn't exactly fall in your lap so it's probably fair to assume they're an incredibly industrious pair. On top of that, the duo are clearly passionate music fans and collectors. And that goes some way to informing the sounds you hear in their new track "Kamden Town" (out now on Movement Records), a song that's brimming over with the heritage of funk and soul, albeit with an undeniably modern twist.

Par-le have taken the feeling and sentiment of thick, juicy basslines and impassioned songwriting, and to that they've added some cinematic grandeur and rich production. A laid-back number to be sure, "Kamden Town" is the last burning ember of summer but the first look at what should be a memorable album from the pair. Listen to the track below.