Slang. The sociolect that bears no limitation; the dialect that forged the very backbone of British culture. "Nang" is a term that was spawned from London's roadside, one that stands for all that is good in the world and one that should always be on the tip of your tongue. Nang is also the name of a brand tiptoeing towards its third anniversary, and what better way to start the pre-drinks, than this pallet teaser from Manga Saint Hilare.

If the term isn't commonplace in your vocabulary, then look no further than this visual dictionary to gauge an appropriate understanding. The video for "She's Nang" is the first installment in a trio of offerings to commemorate the birth of Ralph Hardy's Nang project. And, prior to the birthday celebrations, the further two installments will see a compilation CD rounded off by a live event in London on Aug. 22. Watch the clip above, and keep it nang at all times.