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Nobody likes a liar. They know they're lying, you know they're lying, but they still lie. You met Drake? Word? You smoked a blunt with Wiz? But doesn't he only smoke papers? You got them new Js? Where they at? Why are you always lying?

Luckily for us, there are people like Nicholas Fraser, the social media maven—who's Vine page has 36 million loops and counting. Fraser made an Instagram video flipping Next's "Too Close" into an anthem calling out liars that has since gone viral. The caption reads:

He posted the original video two days ago on his instagram account—his username is @downgoes.fraser. Not only is his rendition of Next's hit single hilarious but the video is complete with typical R&B dances, poses, and an open button-down shirt.

The funniest part is him trying to keep a straight face as he sings "Why the fuck you lying? Oh my god, stop fucking lying" in someone's backyard.

Cuts of this video will be used whenever someone is trying to pass off fiction as fax until further notice.