Wow. Canada's come such a long way since the days of Celine Dion boat anthems and less-than-flattering South Park musical references, yeah? All jokes aside, Canada has kind of been on creative fire for several export-heavy years now. Just look at this excerpted roster of Canadian flames: Drake, Seth Rogen, Ellen Page, Ryan Gosling, honorable mentions Simple Plan, and one of the only living rock stars currently giving the world a proper finger, Justin Bieber.

Currently playing the digital long game ahead of the release of his new single entitled "What Do You Mean," which is expected to drop later this month, King Biebs has been enlisting a wide variety of celebrity talent to count down the days until its proper unveiling. Thus far, Biebs has wrangled Tony Hawk, Christina Perri, Ed Sheeran, Big Sean, Ariana Grande, and a slew of others into hyping what might very well be a late contender for Song of the Summer:

However, one fellow titan of Canada has been conspicuously absent from the promo festivities: Alanis Morissette. Thankfully, Morissette took the Bieber plunge earlier this week by not only joining the celebrity-stacked countdown but also giving a playful, time-traveling nod to confirmed song of the century "Ironic":

Though this collaboration is instabrief, a full-blown duet between Morissette and Bieber could quite possibly dethrone "Ironic" from its Song of the Century status. Please make this a thing that exists, guys. Meanwhile, though: