Dave Grohl, at least partially responsible for almost every single cool thing that's happened in the rock world over the past two decades, has — albeit expectedly — responded to that video of 1,000 Foo Fighters in Italy playing Foo classic "Learn to Fly." Organized by Fabio Zaffagnini, the musical feat required a year of practice and was conducted in an effort to convince the fighters of foo to play a show in Cesena, Italy. Revisit Zaffagnini's viral homerun below:

In Grohl's response clip, the recently pronounced Kanye West fan offers the perfect answer to the dedicated fans' request. Furthermore, he says all of it in Italian. The rough translation, via Time / Facebook comments, is below:

"Hi, Cesena! I am David. Hello. I’m sorry, I don’t speak Italian. Only a little, a little. That video — but how beautiful! Very beautiful. Thank you very much. We are arriving [coming], I promise. We’ll see each other soon. Thank you very much. I love you. Bye.”

Though Grohl has recently been pressing through the pain of a broken leg injury onstage by performing from the rebellious comforts of a self-designed throne, he clearly hasn't let the Foo spirit take a rest.


A photo posted by Foo Fighters (@foofighters) on Mar 9, 2014 at 9:57pm PDT

Here's to you, Dave.