Rock hero Dave Grohl made some headlines a few weeks ago during a now infamous fall during his concert. "A funny thing happened to me a couple weeks ago," he explains before rolling a clip of him breaking his leg while performing with the Foo Fighters in Sweden. Despite the doctor telling him he needs to be off his feet and keep his dislocated ankle in place, the band celebrated their 20th anniversary with a July 4 concert in Washington, D.C. with Dave designing a solution to keep his leg in place: his own throne.

Dave strummed as he told the crowd "So then I took a couple oxy's...and I drew a picture. I was as high as a fucking kite when I drew that picture.” While the “lasers and shit shooting from the top” are not there, Dave's iron throne of guitars could make a Lannister jealous. 

Watch Dave reminisce about his fall and tell the story of his iron throne to the D.C. crowd below.