In the greatest invitation any musician has ever received, ONE THOUSAND musicians banded together in Italy to perform Foo Fighters' "Learn To Fly" in an attempt to convince Dave Grohl and company to fly over to their country and play a show. The Foo Fighters have famously been touring with a new set-up that includes a throne of guitars Dave drew while high on painkillers following that awful fall off stage that caused the injury earlier this summer.

On the video's Rocking 1000 website, the people explain “The Foo Fighters are not in Romagna since 1997, it’s time to get them back, but we need a crazy idea. We have to organize something that kicks ass worldwide and can be seen by Dave Grohl: We will ask one thousand rockers to play one of their songs, all together and at the same time.” After a year of work, that's exactly what they did with the event's creator Fabio Zaffagnini pleading “One thousand rockers that came from all over the nation at their own expense, and they just did one song — your song. We ask you, the Foo Fighters, to come play for us.” Watch the whole performance above.