Welcome back to The Mac and Shamir Show! Earlier this week, we premiered Part 1 of our video series, in which indie superstars Shamir and Mac DeMarco interviewed each other over a tense game of Jenga. Enter Part 2: We find Mac and Shamir as we last saw them—on a Brooklyn rooftop, enjoying a summertime sunset—but things get even more tender in our final chapter with serenades and offers of homemade sweater vests. Things also get more competitive as the two battle it out for the winning title in this game of Jenga. Who wins—Shamir or Mac? Find out. 

In this hilarious clip, watch the pair discuss Star Wars trivia, the meaning of "ratchet," and the weirdest things fans have thrown at them. (One of them even apologizes for grabbing the other's crotch during a gig, ahem.) 

Shamir's debut album, Ratchet, is out now on XL. Mac DeMarco releases his new mini-LP, Another One, on Aug. 7 via Captured Tracks. 

Watch Part 1 hereMac DeMarco and Shamir Play Jenga and Talk Smoking, Pet Peeves, and Switching Bodies