In what is now seemingly a weekly occurrence, Twitter again refused to let us live our lives tonight. This time the tweets were watching Funkmaster Flex, the long-time Hot 97 DJ who many might know more for his general foolishness than his musical credentials.

Flex bullied his way into last week’s Drake v. Meek hysteria by taking to his radio show to play the reference track for Drake’s “10 Bands,” a move that in his eyes surely made him into the hero we all were waiting for. Well, it didn’t. Never one to let the limelight escape him, yesterday Flex promised that he would have something special for us on his show tonight at 7 p.m. with the implication being that he had Meek’s response to “Charged Up” ready to go with Flex bombs aplenty. 

Well, 7 o’clock came and went and Flex delivered nothing but a lackluster mix. Thankfully Twitter—a.k.a. the only reliable source of entertainment in our cold, heartless world—came through with enough slander to make the entire ordeal all worth it. And, in what is either a sure sign that Flex is finally losing it or a weird spat of self-awareness, Flex has retweeted almost all this hateful gold on his own timeline. Where Meek Mill and Drake’s beef will go no one knows, but at least we can all agree that Flex took a king-sized L tonight.

Max Goldberg is a writer living in New York. Follow him @goopygold.