Producer: OutKast
Album: ATLiens
Label: LaFace

Similar to Eminem, OutKast’s sound has often existed in its own world—one built only for ATLiens. Certainly, the majority of their beats sound nothing like contemporary hip-hop mostly because 'Kast and, to a greater extent, the Dungeon Family, are just so damn original. But even if “B.O.B.” is a better example of their idiosyncrasy, “ATLiens” is even more undeniable.

The song is built on two samples, the first is "Around the World" by Attilio Mineo, which gives the song its atmosphere via that spooky, space-aged intro. But the hallmark of the beat is a looped-up vocal courtesy of the Chambers Brothers’ “So Tired.” The sample sounds like what we imagine an Instagram filter would sound like, which in turn gives the beat its unwinding effect.