There are a lot of things to love about S-Type: his innate understanding of all things hip-hop, his open-minded approach to production andlet's be honesthis entire discography. Another reason he appeals to so many is the difficulty you face when someone asks you to describe his music. No two S-Type productions sound the same and that applies ten-fold to his remixesthe latest of which is his reworking of "Five To One" by French electronic trio KCPK. Whatever genre this falls under, it certainly has no name. There are big but highly polished gabber kicks, delicate melodies and a delightfully awkward, off-kilter rhythm. Somehow (we suspect dark arts at play) S-Type ties these elements together effortlessly, finding the sweet spot between raw power and fragile beauty and to cap it off he makes it look so easy. And if all that wasn't enough, the other remixes included in the single, which is out now on PIAS, come from Clarens and Demon.