Over the weekend, we came across a new app called Trillerwhich seamlessly mashes up videos into one original music video. While photo apps like VSCOcam offer professional looking filters enabling a smartphone user to feel like a photographer or apps that replicate the sounds of actual musical instruments, Triller offers a service in the same scope allowing you to be the director of your own music video. Plus, Colin Tilley (who you probably know from directing Kendrick Lamar's new video for "Alright") is serving as the apps' Creative Director.

Triller works by breaking down the music video process into stages. First, you choose the song—either from the app's library or your own music library, and select what part of the song you want to cover (30 seconds, the whole song, etc.) Next, you record takes, as the song plays through your phone so you can sing along. Once you have the number of takes you want, you click the Triller logo in the corner and the app mashes the takes into one music video.

Don't like the video? Simply press re-edit and get an entirely new video. Don't like one of your takes? Slide your finger to the left and delete the take so it won't be part of the video. Once you're done with the product, an extensive menu enables you to save the video to your phone, upload it directly to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Email and more.

You can check out a first attempt created with Triller below and download the app for free now HERE.