Scott Storch is a paragon of Miami lifestyle, but his background spans the East Coast: He grew up in South Florida, Philly, and Jersey. A ninth-grade dropout, Storch was a creative fuckup from jump. Years before he was a full-fledged, duly-credited producer, Scott Storch was a keyboardist for the the Roots; he played all over the group's debut album, Organix, released in 1993, and he'd go on to win his very first Grammy in 1999 for writing and producing the Roots' "You Got Me." Much of Storch's credited work from the 1990s was recorded in collaboration with the Roots and its local solo collaborators.

By 1999, however, Scott Storch had begun to branch out. He played keyboard for the L.A. recording sessions that would ultimately yield Dr. Dre's 2001. This nascent stage of Storch's career also marks his earliest flirtation with L.A., a city that would eventually lure him into vice, disrepair, and a disastrously influential relationship with Paris Hilton.