In the mid-2000s, Scott Storch had a strong argument for being on that decade’s Mount Rushmore of hit-making producers. The former Roots keys player was collaborating with certified Hall of Famers Dr. Dre and Timbaland and had amassed an impressive string of his own hits, and a jaw-dropping $70 million empire to show for it. 
Then a cocaine addiction and the rash of bad decisions that followed slowly ate away at his career and left people wondering, damn homie, in ’06 you were the man homie. Fuck happened to you?
Sadly, now it appears he can’t give a beat away. Either that, or he is giving beats away, because it was recently reported he filed for bankruptcy for the second time in six years, claiming to have less than $4,000 in assets after reportedly only making $10,000 in 2014.
Now a shell of his former beat-king self, one must wonder what heights he could have reached if he would have kept his nose clean, pun intended. But there’s no way to discredit the Piano Man’s past works. Here are 15 Scott Storch tracks that remind us of his former super-producer status.
C. Vernon Coleman is a writer living in Atlanta. Follow him@Vernon_Coleman.

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