For more than a decade, k-os has been a visionary staple of the Canadian hip-hop scene, collaborating with some of the biggest names in the north, including legendary Vancouver​ hip-hop crew Rascalz, art rock collective Broken Social Scene, and even the Young Canadian Lord Drake. His longevity is impressive, but it’s no surprise given an enduring willingness to experiment. k-os continually reinvents his sound, from the acoustic soul of “Heaven Only Knows” to the big beat pop crossover “B-Boy Stance.” More recently, "WiLD4TheNight" saw him experiment with a more hard-hitting contemporary sound. It’s a constant evolution.

As he readies his newest effort Can’t Fly Without Gravity, it’s only fitting that the first single is another genre-bending departure. “Steel Sharpens Steel” is a overdriven nod to Montreal’s indie-rock scene, but it doesn’t abandon k-os’ appetite for woozy effects and layered vocal hooks.

Here’s what k-os has to say about “Steel Sharpens Steel”:

“There were a couple of streams of inspiration this song came from. Musically, the guitar riff, I wrote one night after coming home from a party in Vancouver. I was at home, but still felt the energy of where I had just been. The vocals I did immediately that night on iPod headphones in GarageBand, and those are the vocals that remain on the track. Tim Fletcher from a band called The Stills played guitar in my band for a while. This song reminds of The Stills' zen-like style because it has its punk rock root elements, but also has this melodical vulnerability. Dave Hamlin from that band is also a huge influence on me, and this song is my shout-out to them and the Dears as well! You know...that whole Montreal scene that started a riot. It's a shout out! Still In Love.”

Listen to “Steel Sharpens Steel” by k-os below, and stay tuned for the new record Can’t Fly Without Gravity, due out later this summer via Dine Alone Records.