In today's edition of "Chet Haze Is an Insensitive Asshole," we get Tom Hanks' wannabe rapper son's thoughts on when it's appropriate to use the "N" word. In this video, Haze poorly tries to defend his use of the word, and includes a caption where he questions if his haters know his whole life story.

And that's it! If you still want to be mad, be mad! That's your right. What people think about me is none of my business. But please don't act like you know my whole story either! We are all infinitely intelligent creatures on our own journeys. It's life. ALL LOVE ❤️

In another Instagram video, Chet attempts to make the argument that hip-hop isn't about race and that he can say whatever he wants because it's free speech, and though people will hate he's going to continue to do what he does. So yeah, Chet Haze is really the worst and it doesn't look like a trend that's going to stop anytime soon.