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Yasiin Beyhasn't sat down for a substantial interview for quite some time, matter of fact he hasn't been seen stateside for more than a few select appearances and performances. So when someone tells you that he sat down to discuss his life and travels in 2015, you better sit and watch. Beats by Dre managed to get ahold of the wandering MC, to find out what he's been up to outside of America.

Bey states that he never wanted to be branded or placed in a box because of his perceived sound. In response to why he doesn't live in America, he said: "America is a really challenging place for me...given the current social, political,  [and] economical climate it is very difficult—unnecessarily difficult—to create to the degree of fullness the type of robust, the type of creativity that I like to have. It is very difficult for me to create that here."

"I needed to take some time to put myself in environments where I felt good." Hopefully Yasiin Bey will feel better about America enough to come here regularly again. Maybe if the track he played for Kanye becomes a hit, he will be a mainstay again. However, at the moment he doesn't sound ready to move back to the States anytime soon.