Yasiin Bey (fka Mos Def) has returned to America with a flourish tonight, making a surprise appearance during Dave Chappelle's comedy show at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. He performed  "Umi Says" and "History," and he also covered Biggie

Bey was joined on stage by Talib Kweli. Reuniting as Black Star, they performed "Definition" and "Redefinition" for the audience.

Towards the end of the show, Kweli performed "The Blast" and "Get By."

Bey's appearance at Chappelle's show follows conflicting reports regarding Bey's citizenship status after he had cancelled a nationwide tour last month. Promoters for the tour's opening date suggested that Bey had "immigration/legal issues" that prevented him from reentering America. This prompted speculation that he had renounced his American citizenship in favor of South African citizenship. However, a South African newspaper reported that Bey had not been banned from America, and instead had "moved the dates" due to scheduling conflicts.

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