Speedin' Bullet to Heaven — the new, decidedly featureless album from Kid Cudiis coming "really, really soon" and the world will surely be better for it. As true aficionados know, Cudi is an active voice on Twitter — regularly engaging with fans and fellow artists alike. Early Sunday morning, Cudi tweeted a picture of a handwritten note which many assumed was simply excerpted lyrics from a Speedin' Bullet to Heaven track:

However, Cudi immediately responded to such assumptions with a clarification:

Regardless, the note in question is a fascinating glimpse into the mind of an artist considering his eventual demise and ensuing legacy. In this atypical poem of sorts, Cudi outlines plans for his own funeral — calling for a "celebration" across two separate funerals for his fans and family, respectively. Song, poem, or otherwise — such candid, honest commentary on the self is rarely expressed on such a public scale. Thus, Cudi's note is truly something to respect. Speedin' Bullet to Heaven couldn't come soon enough.



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