While Drake was closing out the first weekend of Coachella Justin Bieber's time at the festival came to an early end. The Biebs was put in a chokehold and kicked out of the festival entirely, TMZ reports. The scuffle started when Bieber tried to go through the artist's entrance during Drake's performance and was told the area was at capacity. Bieber showed his wristband and said Drake himself had invited him. He even argued he couldn't wait in line because fans would be up in his grill, but security remained firm. 

Eventually a Coachella staffer agreed to escort Bieber into the artist's area. As she was walking him in security came up and put him in a chokehold. His team got into it with security, and Bieber was ordered to leave the festival. Sources close to Bieber told TMZ he left voluntarily and that he's considering "legal action." 

Watch video of the altercation above. Throughout the whole ordeal Drake's "Marvin's Room" can be overheard in the background, adding to the tragedy of it all. 

UPDATE 4/15/15: According to E!, the reason why Bieber freaked out was because Kendall Jenner was denied entry to a party because she isn't 21. Once they denied Kendall entry, that's when Bieber went ballistic and was put into a chokehold.