It shouldn't need explaining but without Frankie Knuckles, house music (and dance as a whole) would sound entirely different, if it existed at all. Tragically, Frankie passed away this time last year and now, one year on, a wealth of artists and philanthropists are converging to commemorate the DJ/producer and hopefully raise a hefty sum of money in his name. To that end, Underworld and Heller & Farley, some of the first signees to Junior Boys Own label, have come together to cover the Frankie Knuckles classic "Baby Wants To Ride" with a nostalgic video to boot.

Underworld's Rick Smith explained his reason for wanting to get involved with the project was that, "As the creator of house music we owe Frankie a huge debt. Karl and I have always seen Frankie as the source and, as Underworld, we’re always swimming in his river." Watch the video for their cover of "Baby Wants To Ride" above before you buy your copy from the Baby Wants To Ride site, either on limited edition 12" or digitally or as part of the "pay what you want" bundle. All proceeds from the single will go to the Frankie Knuckles Foundation which is part of the Elton John AIDS Foundation.