The 88-Keys co-signed artist, Nemo Achida, is back after a quick break from releasing music, with the debut of his new video for "LaLa/Sniffles." The dual video shows off Nemo's artistic range, while also displaying his immense talent as an MC moving forward. "LaLa" is produced by DJ Corey Grand and will appear on Nemo's 2015 pre-summer release, Anti-Hero.

"The song was induced by a strip club night in Idaho. I wrote the rap on the bus on the way to the next stop on the Cunnylinguists and Sadistik tour," said Nemo of "LaLa." "When I came back to the Midwest I linked with DJ Corey Grand on the beat — I just felt like this was the record I could spill my drunken strip club night thoughts out on." On the video's second half for "Sniffle," Nemo reflects on an incident in Kentucky when he had an encounter with the police, but talked his way out of the situation with a smooth story. You can grab the track now on iTunes.