Hoodboi has been one of the most promising acts in the electronic scene, which is why it made perfect sense for A-Trak to snatch up the Los Angeles-based producer/DJ and add him to the Fool's Gold roster last June. Since then, Hoodboi has spent much of his time dropping stellar Jersey club remixes, as well as touring and releasing music with his Athletixx crew, capped off by their impressive compilation project, All-Stars Vol. 01.

Hoodboi has held off on his Fool's Gold debut. That is until today, as he shares "Palm Reader" off his upcoming EP by the same name that is set to drop March 24. He taps Lido for the bubbly track, which feels warm and inviting right from the outset. The bounce in the drop gives "Palm Reader" an audio glow that can't be described, except maybe through this GIF.

Check out "Palm Reader" below, as well as our Q&A with Hoodboi, who shares more details on his EP and what Athletixx have in store for 2015. To keep up with Hoodboi, including where he'll be performing next, follow him on Twitter and visit his Facebook page.

You have some history with Lido, delivering a standout remix of his record “I Love You.” How did this collaboration for “Palm Reader” come about?
Me and Lido have worked on lots of projects in the past so it felt right to have him on the EP. We started "Palm Reader" about a year ago in my apartment as an 'Under The Sea' remix and turned into something actually interesting.

You recently previewed the song “Palm Reader” along with the opening track from your upcoming EP on Diplo & Friends; the transition is seamless. Does the rest of the EP flow in a similar style?
Yes. The idea behind the EP was to have it be one continuous, hyperactive song, going up and down in tempo and and always changing in mood. 

What else do you have in store for your upcoming EP? Are there more collaborations like the one you did with Lido?
The rest of the EP is my own production and vocal work. You can expect to hear some remixes from some friends of mine following the release, as well as collaborative releases later on in the year.

Your crew, Athletixx, have been rising through the ranks, and are set to perform at this year’s SXSW. Can you give a quick rundown on how Athletixx came about?
Athletixx was an idea I had with Falcons, Kittens, and Promnite about a year ago. We’ve all come from different musical backgrounds and crews in L.A. and felt that we had a similar take on club music, yet we each brought something different to the table. We decided to join forces and create something unique that bridged the gap between genres, yet still keeping the focus on the dance floor.

What can fans expect from you guys in the new year?
We’ll be releasing an EP as Athletixx with some friends of ours, following up with a live tour later this year. We also have our first clothing collection set to drop this summer.

How about on the solo tip? Do you have plans to release another project through Fool’s Gold?
Definitely. Palm Reader to me is an experimental EP not meant for the club. I’m working on a second EP that will be more DJ-friendly that I hope to have out really soon!