From: Sacramento, Calif.
Listen To: “Let’s Ride,” her remix of SWV’s “You’re the One”

Kozee’s one of the few female DJs/producers who’s been representing the bass music scene in America since dubstep touched down in 2004. A lifelong music fan, she went from producing hip-hop and jazz to jungle and drum & bass before diving deep into the slow and low registers of the dubstep sound. She’s produced huge tunes, like the warbly stateside dubstep anthem “Crack” with DZ and the bouncy, Lucky Beard-released “James”; she toured the U.K. and Sweden back in 2008, at a time when Skrillex was just getting traction and few American DJs and producers were playing overseas; she’s released tunes for progressive dance music imprints like Four40 Records, Top Billin, and Lucky Beard, and is affiliated with two-time DMC World Champion DJ Shiftee’s progressive bass music imprint Hot Mom USA. She’s a true vet.

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