It looks like Lil Wayne isn't the only one taking Cash Money to the cleaners when it comes to unpaid royalties. According to TMZ, Turk is reportedly suing the label for cheating him out of his royalties. The former Hot Boy is asking for a total of $1.3 million in damages, a number far below the $51 million that Lil Wayne is asking for. He's also demanding that the label hand over all rights to his music as well, citing that they practiced shady dealings in order to hide the fact that they were withholding money from him. 

This lawsuit just compounds the growing dissent within Cash Money Records as a whole. Even though Birdman is sticking with his new guard of artists such as Young Thug, his most loyal artists seem to be slowly be coming from behind the curtain with their own gripes. The timing is questionable, considering that the CEO already seems to have a plan B already, but it is very sad to see the seemingly unstoppable label go out like this.

[via TMZ