Chief Keef takes a page from Lil Wayne's playbook with his new mixtape Sorry 4 The Weight. Though the tape doesn't see the misunderstood Chicago MC rapping over popular instrumentals, the project is one of his strongest yet. Instead of demanding emancipation from his label like Weezy, Keef (who recently parted ways with Interscope) instead uses this project to show his growth. Throughout the tape he shows off flexibility and sometimes out of left field experimentation as he reinvents his own mostly emotionless delivery with touch of auto tune.

His Future-esque growls and attempts at singing are only similar in the usage of the popular voice modulation plug in, he is adding a new wrinkle to his murderous and boastful demeanor on the mixtape. Sorry 4 The Weight is a project that reaffirms the high hopes that many had for Keef, and is proof that he's improving as his career progresses. Stream the mixtape below.