Jack Garratt is an unusual character. He seems hell-bent on serving up beauty and brutality on the same plate and yet, inexplicably, it works. The Synesthesiac EP is Garratt's latest offering and you can now listen to "Chemical", an exercise in juxtaposition if ever there was one. There's lots to love about the production here. Firstly, it starts as a wistful ballad before exploding in a fit of teeth-smashing mid-range stabs. And then, there's the way he doubles up the vocals with a pitched-up version. On the face of it, this is an out-and-out banger (which it completely is), but it's the little details and flourishes that give it longevity. "Chemical" is taken from Jack Garratt's new The Synesthesiac EP, out on April 13, and you can stream it exclusively right here: