Having impressed last month at London's Jazz Cafe, billed under the likes of Blade Brown, Youngs Teflon and J Spades, east London's PBGR (Play Broke Get Rich) caught the ear of many and ultimately announced they were ready to ascend amongst the heavyweights. The first PBGR release of 2015 comes in the shape of exultant anthem, "Four Seasons". Featuring close collaborators, Mike Bagz and Charlie Mase, the track combines the myriad of rap styles and flows available as each rapper rides a chaotic, bass-ridden backdrop. Already a constant stable of the PBGR sound, the duo's open-ended musicality and experimentation stands out as truly bold for artists at such an early junction of their careers. Even the unassuming sing-song hook of "everybody wanna be somebody, if not for everybody, then at least somebody" reveals itself as strangely profound upon closer inspection. We'll be paying close attention to the PBGR gang as the year unfolds, and we think you should do the same:    

[via GRM Daily]